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Adult Classes

Tap Dancer


Adult Tap is a fun class designed to introduce adults to the joys of tap dance! We focus on mastering tap fundamentals and strengthening them through drills, across-the-floor work, and combinations. We offer different classes for each level. 


Adult ballet classes focus on technique in an enjoyable way. Each week we build on the previous week to teach you the basics of classical ballet, while combining strength, conditioning, form, flexibility, coordination and rhythm.
Dance Lesson


Always hot and spicy, come and learn how to enjoy the most popular dance style! In these sessions, you will learn the special ingredients, footwork, rhythm, spins, lead and follow - that make up for a very fun and enjoyable dance partner! All experience levels welcome, and you don't have to worry about being perfect, just be you and have fun! No partner required, one will be provided for you!

Yoga for adults

Hatha yoga is the branch of yoga that typically comes to mind when you think of yoga in general terms. The practice involves breath, body, and mind, and classes are usually 45 minutes to 90 minutes of breathing, yoga poses, and meditation.

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Hands Together

Hatha Yoga

Yoga Class
Yoga Equipment

Restorative Yoga

In a restorative yoga practice, the focus is not on stretching or strengthening but on releasing. We release tension in the muscles and gently stimulate the organs through long-held poses designed to support and comfort. To achieve comfort a variety of props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters, sandbags, and eye pillows may be used.

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Adaptive  Yoga

We will adapt traditional yoga postures to meet our needs in our bodies.  Postures will be explored in a seat, on a wall, laying down, and/or on a map with yoga props. We take apart the postures to focus on the benefit and then find a way to move our bodies that is comfortable to receive the benefit of the posture. A slower paced class with lots of creativity! This class is great for those with wheelchairs, mobility needs, bigger bodies, and those that want to explore a different practice.

Check back for future classes!

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