Class Descriptions


All classes are progressive and the students continue learning new steps based on their personal ability. We are always continuing to develop our personal and social skills throughout the session. 

Tiny Tumble (2 - 3 year olds)

This class focuses on beginning basic tumbling skills, stretching and body coordination. We dance to fun songs to keep the class moving. We encourage independence while the caregivers are inside the room with us to support the tumblers. They improve social skills and meet new friends. The kids can wear comfortable clothes. No shoes, no socks or grippy socks are okay. .

Bumble Tumble & Boogie (3 - 4 year olds)

This class focuses on basic tumbling skills as well as balance and flexibility. We dance to fun songs to keep the class moving. They improve social skills and meet new friends. Girls should wear a leotard or unitard and boys should wear a  tee shirt and shorts. No shoes, no socks.

Creative Movement (2 - 3 year olds)

This class uses movement to familiar songs to work on coordination and rhythm. We incorporate fun props to keep the class lively and new. We work on social skills throughout the session. Students should wear dance attire. 

Combination Classes (2 - 4 year olds)

This class provides basic instruction to ballet, tap and creative movement. Classes run 30 - 45 minutes and are designed to introduce music and movement, listening skills and gain comfort with a classroom setting. We request all caregivers to remain in the lobby as this will allow your student to focus on the instructions from the teacher. Students should wear dance attire. 


Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance. This is where dancers get their structure and technique to improve in every class. We work on form, strength and alignment. Students must wear a leotard, tights and their hair in a bun. They have an option of also wearing a ballet sweater, skirts, or dance shorts. 


This style of dance isolates the foot to create various sounds and rhythms. Students must wear dance wear and tap shoes. 


Jazz has a wide range of styles. We will work on Street Jazz and Broadway Jazz throughout the session. Focusing on technique of jumps, leaps and turns. Dance Attire required such as leotard, tights and leggings or dance shorts. 


This is a form of dance that uses expression to perform a mix of jazz and ballet technique. This form tells a story through the emotions of the music. 

Hip Hop

This style of dance changes with pop culture. It is choreography to Urban music. Casual Clothes are recommended although stomach should be covered. Jeans are not permitted. Knee pads are recommended when learning floor work, and students must wear black hip hop shoes, no street shoes. 

Musical Theater

This class will work on expressing emotions and improvisation with scene work, commercial work as well as Broadway jazz choreography. Dance attire is a loose fitting top and comfortable pants. Jazz shoes required for recital, no street shoes allowed.