Virtual Princess


Is your child home keeping a safe distance from others although you would like to see her see friends and have fun while learning? We are having 4 week sessions perfect for their participation. 


We will make crafts and read alongside a princess. We will be creative and learn dance skills along the way.

Classes starts at 10:00AM


January 29 - February 19 

The Sea Princess will join us as we make Mermaid crafts, read a few books and learn ballet skills. This is a great way for your child to meet new friends and have fun in the comfort of their home. They will receive a Craft Kit with all supplies needed.

March 5 - March 26

The Snow Princess will be joining us as we practice our special ice powers with creative movement, ballet and more.  We will make winter princess crafts and read along with Elsa. All participants will receive a Craft Kit. 

April 2 - April 16

The Rose Princess will make her way to join us in class this session. We look forward to creating and learning our basic steps alongside her. Each participant will receive a Craft Kit. 

May 7 - May 28

The Warrior Princess will be challenging to stretch and work on some dynamic moves this month. We will make crafts and read along with her as we make new friends.